High-Performance Storage for Virtualized Infrastructure and Database Management Systems

X-IO’s Intelligent Storage Element is designed and built, from the ground up, to address the fundamental requirements for storage in virtualization and database environments: predictable high performance, full utilization of capacity, incremental-but-limitless scaling, and zero-service-event operation. We believe storage should be invisible. It should just work. And the ISE does just that. It. Just. Works.

The Intelligent Storage Element is the cost leader in scalable performance storage

Run faster, longer, for less – on ISE


Tab Round 1Support thousands of virtual desktops, each booting in a few seconds, always. Sail through the worst imaginable boot storms, in seconds. Run as fast when your storage array is fully loaded, with users and data, as you did the first day that array went into production. And never, ever, fail. The VDI promise — a high-quality, low-cost desktop experience for thousands of active users — realized. With X-IO’s hybrid ISEs.

Server Virtualization

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Survive, and prosper, in the intense “I/O blender” environment of modern virtualized server infrastructure. Provision storage for VMware, Citrix and HyperV environments in seconds. Support thousands of mixed-mode virtual machines with a few rack units’ worth of high-performance storage. Run fast, run fast-when-full, and run cool-and-quiet, no matter how random storage access becomes, no matter how noisy the neighbors, no matter how many neighbors there are. Never replace a drive, and never fail. And wrap it all up in performance guarantees.

Transaction Processing

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Support thousands of simultaneous users, with sub-second transaction response times, using a single Intelligent Storage Element (ISE) instead of racks of power-hungry, under-performing enterprise storage. Save millions in acquisition costs, and millions more in operational expense, while improving the ability of your core OLTP applications to drive revenue, accelerate business process cycle times, and improve customer care. Implement operational reporting and operational data stores, without changing your storage architecture or crippling your transactional applications. Make Oracle, DB2 and SQLServer scream.

DW, BI and Big Data

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Double your active users. Take ETL from once-a-week to five-times-a-day. And reduce wall-clock query response times from minutes to seconds. Add statistical analysis and predictive analytics to your existing data warehousing environment. And change nothing — except your storage infrastructure. Make Oracle, DB2 or SQLServer perform at petabyte-levels. Or deploy cutting-edge Big Data technologies on a storage infrastructure that improves performance, reduces operating costs, and never, ever, fails. Big, safe, enterprise-grade data analytics.

Cloud Infrastructure

Tab Round 5ISE accelerates the infrastructure Cloud Service Providers count on to deliver predictable Tier 1 application performance. This new approach to storage provides:

Full performance, even at full capacity
Flash-enabled hybrid storage performance
Extreme modular scalability
The industry’s lowest TCO

Get more revenue and higher margins with ISE

Our customers say…

Pasco-Hernando State College
Shepherd Chemical Company

Performance, Capacity and Reliability

X-IO was founded in 2002 as the Seagate Advanced Storage Architecture division. The division was charged with developing a storage unit unlike anything ever created; a storage building block that grouped high-end drives in a synergistic way to deliver meaningful, customer-valued advantages. The resulting product was the first Intelligent Storage Element and the beginnings of the ISE product line. The ISE excels when the application needs both performance and capacity.

High-performance block storage

The Intelligent Storage Element is designed, from the ground up, to deliver best-in-market block storage performance, on Day One, and Day 1800.

When newly-racked. When half-full. When completely full.

With no service events, and no cumbersome and time-consuming manual intervention.

Running on ISEs, your virtualized infrastructure and your RDBMS applications will run much faster, for much longer, at much lower cost, and without service incidents. No conventional big-frame enterprise storage array or hybrid upstart can match us.

High-performance NAS

Coupled with Windows Storage Server 2012, the Intelligent Storage Element holds the technology industry’s high-water mark for SMB3 NAS file service performance: more than 15 gigabytes per second, serving up over 100 TB of enterprise-grade hard disk drives.

Fast enough, big enough, to run SQLServer on top of SMB3.

Super-heated performance that beats all comers, including hyper-expensive all-flash arrays.

SMB, NFS, HDFS, Gluster — as large-scale file services take their place alongside traditional block storage in modern IT architectures, you can choose the file service protocols that makes sense for your architecture and applications, and we’ll provide the ISE accelerator to make them sing, at any scale you need.

Management software

Intelligent Storage Elements manage themselves — in small groups, or pools of hundreds. At X-IO, we believe storage should be invisible, and we designed and built the ISE to be trouble-free.

But even when you have a storage array that takes care of itself, you need software that can take care of you.

X-IO’s ISE Manager, with its Virtual View feature, brings your entire hypervisor ecosystem together, on a single pane of glass, with telemetry from every ISE in your pool, so hypervisor administrators no longer need a PhD. in storage to build and operate high-performance, high-reliability virtualization environments.

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